2023: New Year, New Goals. Here’s How BW Concepts Can Help.

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It’s wild to think that we’re just a few weeks away from a new year. 2022 certainly flew by in our office, and we’re geared up for a great 2023! What are your business goals for the new year? Not sure where to start? Not a problem; I’ve got some ideas that will help your business and take the worry off your plate too.

Start a Newsletter

I heart newsletters. They are such an easy way to reach out to current and potential clients with valuable and interesting information. Newsletters are just one more way to get your business in front of clients to highlight new services or to educate potential clients on how your business can solve their problems.

Don’t have a lot of emails to reach out to? Let’s talk about a lead magnet on your site. These handy free-to-the-user downloads offer your potential clients great value, and they help to build your email marketing list.

Get a Social Media Strategy

Even if you don’t plan to sell products or services directly from a social media platform, having a solid social media strategy is essential. That social presence offers your ideal customer:

  • Validity
  • Education about the business
  • Easy access to information

Being a consistent and interesting poster on your ideal customer’s feed allows your business to stay top of mind and promotes conversion from a viewer to a customer.

Boost SEO with a Blog

I think most people think that a blog is for readers only—but the truth is that it’s actually more important for search engine optimization. Don’t get me wrong, blogs provide value for readers. But unless your blog is making you money (i.e. affiliate links) your best bet is to make your blog work for SEO. Blogs score well with Google Ranking Factors on a number of areas including:

  • Magnitude of website content updates (i.e. lots of new words to analyze)
  • Keywords, backlinks, headers, and tags
  • Content quality
  • Freshness of the site content

A blog post a month could help your site get returned higher on the search engine results page and give value to your clients and potential clients—what’s not to love?!

Triple Threat

Each of these areas works fine by itself but coupled with insights and analytics, they are a triple-threat powerhouse! Why? Because they all feed off each other. One blog post could be broken down into multiple social media posts. A newsletter can highlight current blogs but also reach back and promote older posts, driving traffic to your site. The combination of each of these areas brings a cohesive marketing approach that converts followers.

Let’s Kick Off 2023 Right

Click over to my contact page and let’s book a time to talk about your business and how BW Concepts can help. I love digging into insights and analyzing where we can improve—I also like starting from scratch. Either way, let’s talk and see how BW Concepts can take a task off your list and get your marketing rolling in the right direction. Here’s to a great 2023!

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