Inside Insights: Understanding Social Media Metrics

Inside Insights: Understanding Social Media Metrics

If you have a social media business profile (and yes, if you have a business, you need a separate business profile…but that’s a topic for another blog), you have access to “insights” or the data behind who is viewing your content. This kind of information can and should be used to plan your content strategy. Having insight into which posts your readers prefer, which drove readers to click through to your website, etc. is all wildly valuable information. That said, not all of the insights are self explanatory. So here’s the breakdown on a few of the less obvious metrics:


On the Activity tab of your Instagram Insights, you’ll find Discovery. While discovery itself makes sense, two of the subheadings are less clear; Reach and Impressions. I’ll explain and then I’ll give you a good way to remember each.

Social Media Metrics

This is BW Concepts Activity tab…yes I know I’m breaking my own rule by not posting more often. I’m the shoemaker with no shoes! The social media manager with too few posts!


Anyway, you can see that all of my posts reach totaled 269 people. Reach means that my post was seen by 269 individual accounts.

Impressions are how many times those same posts were viewed, in this case they were viewed 368 times.

Often times the numbers for Reach and Impressions are the same because each account only views them once. You can see by the day how they were viewed, and for several days the same posts were viewed again thus making the Impressions higher.

The real task? Getting your content in front of the right people. If your product is made for dogs, getting your content to people looking for music isn’t going to help you. The very best ways to organically (free) improve your metrics overall are to:

  • Create original and interesting content
  • Engage daily. Like, follow, comment, and respond to comments
  • Check your insights to know what people are looking for from your posts and tailor your content accordingly


Where are you stuck? Or what is confusing? Comment here or on IG @bw_concepts1 and ask away!

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