Why Engagement on Social Media Matters

instagram engagement

We all know that we need quality content for posts on social media, but did you know that there’s more to be done? Just posting isn’t enough to grow your followers. Here’s why:

What is the IG Algorithm?

According to, the Instagram algorithm “looks at information about content (Reels, grid posts, and Stories) and users (interests and behavior on the platform) to serve the right content to the right people.”

While the platform is never totally open about what metrics it uses to rank posts (i.e., get posts in front of non-following accounts), there are hints when it releases changes or additional features to the platform. While gathering the most “likes” on a post was once a strong ranking factor, then it was Reels, the emphasis de jour is on engagement, particularly with Stories.

What Does Engagement Do?

Why is engagement a ranking factor? Because it’s hard for a bot to do. Sure they can post, but to have meaningful and realistic comments means it’s more likely a human commenting. And that meaningful engagement, spread out across the platform, means that you’re exploring and discovering – and your posts will be rewarded in turn by getting in the feed of non-followers.

But That’s Not All!

Engagement is good for working the IG algorithm, but there are other great benefits as well. Meaningful engagement builds trust and relationships with customers and potential customers with direct conversation. Having the ability to have a direct connection with a business to ask questions, stay informed, and even just get to know the

BW Concepts Social Media Management

Our social media management package has always included daily engagement, but did you know that we also provide the following:

  • Social post strategy based on analytical analysis
  • Full post development, which can include organizing professional photo shoots
  • 3-4 static posts per week, including Reels to:
    • Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and or Google Business
  • 3-4 Stories per week to IG and FB

Our clients range from those who want us to manage everything all the time to those who enjoy checking in once in a while on the app. They may send us information or photos to post, or we can create it all. We’re happy to work with whatever process works best for you – one of our clients friended us on Facebook so we could pull images and videos directly from her page to repurpose for her business page! She gets the comfort and convenience of sharing the way she enjoys with her friends and family while we work to create a professional version of the content, all in real-time.

BW Concepts Has Your Digital Marketing Covered

We’re not just about social media; we can manage all of your digital marketing—and make it all work together. From blogs to newsletters, website content to bios, we can make it happen! Let’s kick off Q3 right! Drop me a note and let’s talk about how BWC can support your business. 

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