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Solving Social Media for Your Business

I began managing social media accounts a few years ago when a client I was ghost writing blogs for asked me to take over their social media posting as well. From a content standpoint, it was a slam dunk! I could promote the blog topics, highlight the items going into the newsletter and more. The issue was that I had never managed another person’s social media before. I had my accounts, but that was it. Not wanting to waste an opportunity, I jumped in with both feet and learned on the fly.

Fast forward a few years and I now have a sizeable portfolio of social media clients on top of my writing clients. I’ve learned a lot, sometimes the hard way, but the result is that I now have a great service model to offer to my clients that makes their social media work for them, rather than create work for them.

What’s Next

But the reality is that not every business has it in the budget to afford a social media manager…which is why I’m working on creating an online course on managing your social media for your business! I’m really excited to share about my strategies, the apps I use, how I organize, where I find images – all of it – with other small businesses. My goal is to teach users how to spend a little time planning which will yield a month’s worth of content. Also, I’ll tell you how to work the platform algorithms to organically maximize your posts.

As I continue to work through the details, I want to know what your burning social media questions are. What’s holding you back, slowing you down, causing problems?

Ask Me

Shoot me an email and I’ll let you know my strategy for solving your social media problem.

  • What’s stopping you from posting consistently?
  • What trips you up every time you go to post?
  • Are you happy with your images?
  • How do you feel about your content?
  • Is social media producing any business for you?

*In case it wasn’t clear, this is a free! Ask away!

Want More?

Click over to my blog on Social Media Metrics to see more on how to know what’s working for your client base.

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