How Can I Have a Social Media Presence for My Business if I Don’t Have Any Pictures?

Next to people not knowing their password, this is the second biggest barrier people believe they have when it comes to their business social media. SO many businesses and even industries do not lend themselves to having a lot of visual presence. The best example is doctors – not only would it be inappropriate to post pictures of their work (think fertility specialist) but there are also legal issues with posting as well.

What’s the solution? Hire an influencer to walk around your company and snap selfies? Thankfully, our solution is much easier.

BW Concepts specializes in social media content creation. Yes, several of our social media clients provide us with images that we craft content for and then post. But the majority of our clients rely on us to not only create a social media strategy but also to actually create the content as well. We do this in a few different ways depending on the client, their industry, business goals, and also comfort level:

Professional Photography

iPhone images are easy to snap, but if you’re not a 14-year-old or you’re not fluent in photo editing, the result can look unprofessional on your social media. Thankfully, the rise in businesses on social media has delivered a new industry of content photographers. Their goal is to capture great images to be used solely for your social. Most offer packages that make it affordable to have a photographer take pictures on a semi-regular basis, which provides you with lots of content to work with.

I’ve gushed about Stephanie Slezak before, but here I go again! Stephanie is my go-to for my own pictures, as well as for clients. She is easy to work with, extremely affordable, a ton of fun, and best of all, her product is fabulous.

Content Blocks

If you don’t have pictures, make them! We utilize a Canva account for all of our clients to ensure the correct size of images for the posts, but also to create content blocks. These are compilations of words, images, colors, and other visually interesting things that convey the message of the post while being on-brand for the client. These are ideal

  • FAQ
  • Highlights
  • Reminders
  • Updates
  • Save the Dates
  • Sponsorship information
  • Quotes
  • Did You Know

Here are a few examples:

Stock Images

If I’m being honest, we try to steer clear of stock images. Or at least use them in less obvious ways. We’ll add borders and or logos to make them less stuffy and jazz them up a little. We also aim for images that don’t have people in them – we don’t want a serious post that ends up having an actor that pops up in a meme someday!

Sound Interesting?

Let’s talk! We are experts at developing strategic content for small businesses that feed not only blogs but social media posts and newsletters too. I make each of these aspects work together to create interesting, attractive, and—most importantly—effective digital content. Drop me a line, and let’s chat about how BW Concepts can get your digital footprint to the next level.

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