Are You Utilizing This Simple Product to Attract New Clients?

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What is the simple product? It’s a newsletter—ta da! Okay, okay, okay, I know that doesn’t seem exciting but I swear it is. Here’s why.

What It Is

Just in case it is your first rodeo: a newsletter is information about your business and/or product offering that is emailed directly to a set list of contacts with the goal of the recipient taking an action such as going to your website, following your social media, or contacting you directly. These contacts consist of:

  • Current clients and customers
  • Individuals who have subscribed to your newsletter (usually from a lead magnet)
  • Past clients and customers

Just like every business is unique, so is an effective newsletter. Some companies need to highlight upcoming events or sales. Some need to maximize their product offering. Others need to remind their clients and potential clients that they are there to support them. No matter what the messaging is, there’s a lot of opportunity to fine-tune the frequency of information that your business can email directly to interested contacts.

Why It Works

Just over half of my email list consists of current clients, past clients, and subscribers. The other half have come from individuals exchanging their email addresses for a lead magnet on my website. No matter where the individuals came from, they all have something in common: they are interested in the services my business provides. This is important to note because it is a more targeted ideal customer, and I can tailor my messaging to areas they are most interested in. And then I can hand-deliver that juicy information directly to their inbox in a lovely, branded package called the BW Concepts Monthly Newsletter!

The Proof Is in the Conversion

Each client that has come from the BWC newsletter has all said the same thing: “I’m so glad you emailed; I was just thinking that I needed to reach out to you.” That’s the magic of the newsletter; it’s a little nudge to spur potential and current clients into reaching out.

Let’s Talk

Q1 is just around the corner. How do you want to start the new year? Let’s talk! We are experts at developing strategic content for small businesses that feed not only blogs but social media posts and newsletters too. I make each of these aspects work together to create interesting, attractive, and—most importantly—effective digital content. Drop me a line, and let’s chat about how BW Concepts can get your digital footprint to the next level.

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