What is a Lead Magnet and Why Your Website Should Have One

magnet pulling in people

The term “lead magnet” used to freak me out. At first, I didn’t totally understand what it was, but over time, I got it but didn’t know how to apply it to my business. Now, I am 100% on Team Lead Magnet and I have a small obsession with creating them for each of my clients.

What It Is

A lead magnet is simply a free download of information in exchange for the user’s email address. That’s it! Simple. Think of it like a blog post but likely with much more specific information. Or it could be a “how to” list or an image or even an e-book. There’s no wrong answer on what your lead magnet is as long as it has value for the user.

I currently have one lead magnet for BW Concepts and it’s all about how to create your business blog—and keep it going with ease. You can check it out here.

I am working on a second magnet that focuses more on how to brainstorm and plan meaningful social media content that has a strong return on your investment (even if that investment is only your time—it’s valuable!). That said, if you have another topic you’d be interested in getting some very specific details/how-to on, be sure to drop me a note.

Why It’s Awesome

Here’s why a lead magnet is awesome:

  • It provides value for the user
  • It begins to build a relationship with a potential customer

Boom. If the first two didn’t hook you, the last one surely did. Lead magnets are a fantastic way to build your email list. The BW Concepts email list has doubled in the last year due to one simple lead magnet. This means my monthly newsletter goes directly to the inboxes of potential clients who have already expressed interest in what BWC has to offer.

And that newsletter? Already yielded a new, full-service client for BW Concepts. How’s that for an ROI?

Here’s How It Works

All aspects of a great marketing strategy work together / feed each other. Blog content is used to feed social media posts by breaking up headings in the post into individual social media posts. Newsletters recap posts and then deliver them directly to inboxes. Lead magnets are used to help strengthen the reach that all of your content has by building up your email list.

Let’s Talk

Click over to my contact page and let’s book a time to talk about your business and how BW Concepts can help. I love digging into insights and analyzing where we can improve—I also like starting from scratch. Either way, let’s chat about how BW Concepts can take a task off your list and get your marketing rolling in the right direction.

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