3 Ways to Turn Any Topic into Great Content

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It can be tempting only to share, promote, and or highlight the great stuff that happens in our businesses. And why wouldn’t we want to focus on the positive? In reality, reframing a topic in order to share – even the less than desirable parts of your world – can be incredibly endearing to your clients and potential clients. Why? Because that honesty in your marketing demonstrates that you and your business:

  • Are honest with your clients, even when it’s challenging
  • Are a human and not a robot
  • That you know how to think creatively to turn challenges into opportunities

So, how do you accomplish this? These are three ways to present any information, but these are especially good for those less-than-desirable topics: 

Highlight the New

A change in the organization, products, or any other part of the business can be highlighted and exciting. Call-outs in a “Hey! Check this new thing out!” kind of way is great for showcasing the new stuff. Even when the new things may be the result of something less than positive (personnel changes, client changes, pricing changes, etc.), putting a positive spin can make it more palatable, and even appealing.

Make It a Teachable Moment

Yes! Problems can be turned into great content for clients. I have a colleague and her business IG account was hacked. Instead of hiding it, she thanked everyone for their help in identifying the problem and then showed all of her followers how she fixed the issue. Her honesty and openness with a tough situation were a perfect way for potential clients to get a taste of what it’s like to work with her and showcased her skills as well.

Have Pride in the Work

Mistakes are hard to admit, but much like making teachable moments, admitting mistakes can be beneficial too. I wrote about how I sent a client a blog for review that was riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes. My grammar checking app had failed, and I had failed to notice it. But that mistake was the push I needed to finally pick up the phone (just kidding, I DM’d) and get in touch with an editor. I created social media and blog posts and was sure to thank the editor for her help, and called out the client for their patience with updating my process. While it may seem unprofessional, that honesty demonstrates that you are able to adapt and problem solve when things go wrong.

Let BW Concepts Help

Not sure how to do this for your business? Let me help! I am an expert at developing content calendars for small businesses that feed not only blogs but social media posts and newsletters too. I make each of these aspects work together to create interesting, attractive, and—most importantly—effective digital content. So, let’s talk! Visit my contact page and let’s discuss your business goals and how BW Concepts can help you achieve them.

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