New Year, New Look! BW Concepts New Website is Here!

It’s here! The new BW Concepts website has LAUNCHED!

What’s New?

Well, pretty much everything. I built my original site from a WordPress template several years ago and it was….fine. It served its purpose with having a digital presence and contact information, but it looked kind of, bleh. Not to mention that the behind-the-scenes part of the site was really lacking. I had filled in some of the SEO gaps, but I knew there was a lot that was underperforming.

Front of the House

I started off the new build process earlier this year with rebranding done by Jena Gribble of Blush Cactus. It was a very fun journey getting to work with Jena and have her take all of the information about me and BW Concepts and roll it into an awesome brand. There’s so much more to it than a logo, it was a huge eye-opener.

Next, I got to trade spots with Heather Locke of Hammersmith Support and be her client. I got an education on the story branding concept of website layouts. I drafted all of the content for the site and Heather built a site that not only looks amazing, it functions so much better too.

Lastly, I got to work with one of my favorite photographers, Stephanie Slezak Photography. Having 300+ pictures taken of yourself is quite an exercise in self-acceptance…but Stephanie made our shoot not only fun but collaborative so that I felt like I got shots that I was pleased to have smeared all over the website!

Behind the Curtain

Equally as important as the pretty outside of the new website, is the now fully optimized behind the scenes part. Complete with new plugins, Google Analytics, and a mobile-first design means the site now has full SEO and I’ll be able to track and attribute traffic for better marketing strategies.

In addition, I’m now a Hammersmith Support site maintenance client too. While I know my way around WordPress, I’m no expert. And to know that important updates and maintenance will be done each month without me having to dig around and figure it out is fantastic. Website maintenance, check.

What Do You Think?

Let me know what you think! (also let me know if you spot any errors too…). And if you’re thinking it’s time for a new site or a site refresh, I’ve got all the contacts you’ll ever need:

Hammersmtih Support: @hammersmithsupport

Blush Cactus: @blush.cactus

Stephanie Slezak Photography: @stephanieslezakphotography

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