Marketing v Branding and the BW Concepts Brand

Marketing and branding go hand in hand, but they’re not the same thing. Brands are who your business is—the culture, the mission, the “why” but also the logo, the colors, and even the business standards for customer interactions. Marketing is how you share your brand with your ideal customer. It’s knowing not only who your ideal customer is, but how they buy, why they buy, and how to speak to them. An example is the difference between a print ad and social media. If your ideal market is over 60, they will not likely be on Instagram to see your ad. They are, however, more likely to look through all of their mail daily and would value something they could hold in their hands.

The BW Concepts Brand

There was a quiet moment for our business in March of 2020 and then business got busy! So many small businesses needed to quickly pivot their marketing budget to digital in order to stay in front of their target market. As the business grew, so did the need to upgrade our branding.


As part of upgrading the business website to a custom-built site from our client Hammersmith Support, we needed to have a new brand created. I was fortunate to be able to work with Jena Gribble of Blush Cactus to redefine what BW Concepts is and translate that into an updated brand.

The process was actually really enjoyable! Jena and I spent a few hours over a few weeks on the phone talking about me, the business, who our market is, and where we want the business to grow.

Here’s the original logo I made myself:

And here’s what Jena created for us:

Pretty, right? I think so too. Here’s what I love most about it—it speaks to exactly what the business is. The typewriter look of the font, the coffee ring around the letter—they all evoke the idea of what we think of as a writer. The unevenness of the border is my favorite because I felt like it was who I am as a writer.

Why It Works

I tell people often that I’m a creative writer, not a technical writer. Of course, I know proper sentence structure and format, but I’m much more interested in painting a picture that you can see in your mind with my words than I am in whether I spelled a word right—that part I outsource (thanks, Vanessa!). So, to have the ring border be perfectly imperfect was a great visual for our brand.

In addition to the logo, Jena also updated our colors and fonts. Again, the fonts feel like what letters should look like and the colors were shifted to be a little more masculine but still in the same color family as my favorite color.

BW Concepts

BW Concepts specializes in the marketing side, which includes helping our clients identify their ideal target market, creating a killer marketing strategy and then great digital content to reach that market. But just because we specialize in marketing doesn’t mean that we don’t have the resources to get your branding up to par. We have developed relationships with many different businesses to ensure that we can bring in the right people for our clients’ needs. If BW Concepts doesn’t have the service you need, we know the right person who does. So, visit the contact page, and let’s talk about your branding goals and how BW Concepts can help you achieve them.

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