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I had a discussion with a client a few weeks ago. I was desperately trying to convince her that repeating her message across several forms of communication was essential, but she wasn’t buying it. The client insisted that because her messaging went out in an email—once—that that was plenty and her client base was now more than informed about her message. I had to break down why multiple forms of communication are key.

People Are Busy

We see so much content in a day, it would be impossible to absorb it all and act on it, which is why it is essential to create a message that is easy for readers to understand and take action on. Think about it, you can tell your potential client all about your business in your marketing, but what are they supposed to do with that information? Calls to action are key at giving your readers the next step.

Not Everyone Digests Information the Same Way

Some people want to know all of the information possible at one time, others need just the highlights. Either way, sending your message through varying mediums like blogs, newsletters, and social media posts, is essential to making sure that your customer base can access and understand your content.

Size Matters

Knowing how and where to communicate is huge. Putting too much information into what should be micro content can lose viewers. You know what I mean, that person who always posts a three paragraph diatribe on their Facebook page (it’s always an MLM, isn’t it?). Save that long form content for your blog posts and even newsletters. Keep it short and snappy for social media posts and utilize the link in bio to direct potential customers to your website for more details and blog posts too.

Don’t Miss an Opportunity

Let’s be honest, even if you did feel like you had hit your client base with all the information you wanted to, wouldn’t you want to potentially capture a new customer? Don’t miss an opportunity by limiting yourself and your message to just one or two outlets.

Spread it Out

I know it feels like you’re repeating yourself … because you are. But that’s not a bad thing! It can take a few tries in a few mediums to get your potential client’s attention. So spread it out—use all your communication mediums to capture their attention. Over time, you can utilize analytics to refine your message and hone in on the mediums that perform the best for you.

Let’s Talk

If all of this sounds great but is out of your wheelhouse and/or not possible for your schedule, let’s talk. Together we can analyze your business goals and define a marketing plan that will help you get in front of the right customer and in the way they will find most attractive. 

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