Get Your Business Blog Started and Keep it Going Too. Here’s How to Do It.

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When I was 8 years old, I wrote a “how-to” book. I took notebook pages and wrote down topics, then created a step-by-step guide and usually an illustration too. I scrambled for pieces of paper often to add another entry when an idea would hit me. I think my favorite chapter was “how to make a mud pie”. I made a complete meal out of dirt, flowers, leaves, rocks, sticks – anything I could find to be creative with. I went into detail about which plants could be used to look like corn (Feathery Cassia, in case you’re wondering), and how to let your mud pie dry long enough to add details to the top like a real pie. I loved writing about each part of the process. My problem was that I was always so excited to share my work, I hurried through the writing part, eager to get it done and move on to the next great idea.

Despite all that, I never thought of myself as a writer until I was an adult…kids are weird.

How-To Books; The Grown-Up Version

Thankfully, I’ve learned how to step back and collect my thoughts before creating a post and also how to edit. I never write and post on the same day, every piece needs a fresh set of eyes to look over it. I always think of new or better ideas after I’ve already pushed “publish” so I’ve learned to give myself a refresh period first.

This is a long way of saying that dreaming up topics and then writing about them comes naturally to me – it doesn’t take much for me to have a page full of content ideas for my clients. But what comes easy to me, may not for everyone and so I created a free download with my tips on how to brainstorm topics, organize them, and then stay consistent with posts. Because sometimes all you need is a little “how-to” to get motivated.

Get Your Copy

At the footer of my site, you’ll see the section where you can enter your email and then download the blogging tips. I’m excited to hear your thoughts so be sure to drop me a note and let me know how they’re working for you!

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