Why Social Media is Crucial to Your Business—Even if You Don’t Sell Products

social media for business

Social media can seem pointless to a business that doesn’t sell products through its social page, but I’m here to tell you that it is, in fact, crucial to your business.


Put simply, a curated and organized social media presence makes your business valid. While a website is vital, social media is the quicker and more approachable way to access information about your business.


One of the main functions of healthy social media is to drive traffic to the business’s website. Social media is for short-form content, meaning small bites of information or even a teaser. But a website houses much longer forms of content, like blogs and/or photo galleries. The longer, more robust forms of content are another opportunity to educate and convert a potential customer!

Social Searching

Did you know that 1 in 3 individuals will use social media to search for answers to their questions? That means instead of heading to a typical search engine like Google or Bing, they’re headed to Instagram or TikTok to find their answers—this is especially true for Gen Z consumers.


Being able to reach out and ask questions directly to a business appeals to consumers. That level of accessibility helps to build trust in your business, making it easier for the potential customer to make the decision to do business with your company.

What BWC Can Do for Your Business

Our team is skilled at creating a unique social media strategy for your business. From there, we work to artfully craft content that can include professional images of your business and/or staff, stock images that are appropriate for your industry, or even graphic designs—or we may use all three!

Once our strategy is set, we’ll post to your business IG, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Google Business pages. This includes static posts on the grid, reels, and stories too. One thing that makes us unique in the social media industry is that we provide all engagement for your pages as well. That means our team is commenting, liking, following, viewing stories, and engaging with the stories—all while appearing to be your business. Think of it as a ghostwriter but for your social media!

The result is a healthy social media that triggers all of the right signals for the various platform algorithms and all while you get to do what you do best—run your business.

Sound Good? Let’s Talk.

We’re not just about social media; we can manage all of your digital marketing—and make it all work together. From blogs to newsletters, website content to bios, we can make it happen! Drop me a note and let’s talk about how BWC can support your business. 

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