Social Media Management; It’s More than Just Pictures

social media management

I get it; social media management looks simple – and in many ways, it is. But, make no mistake, it’s much more than just slapping some posts up on a platform.

Sure, there are businesses out there that post regularly and often, and their pages look great. But is it converting followers into customers? If not, then they are simply spending time putting up pretty pictures. Social media management needs to involve a strategy in order to produce a return on investment – even if that investment is just your time.

Who Are You Talking To?

Let me be clear, you are not and cannot talk to absolutely everyone who uses a social media platform. Narrowing your message to only your ideal customer means that your message will go further. I’ve used this example before, but it’s still true: you wouldn’t explain new tech to a Baby Boomer the same way you would Gen Z. It’s the same concept with your marketing messaging; it needs to be targeted at your ideal customer in order to be the most efficient.

What Are You Saying?

This is one I think is the easiest to forget – no one knows what you’re talking about. Your business is likely the last thing on the person flipping through social media’s mind. So, if your post is too vague or too “inside baseball”, you’re likely to lose the reader. Educating followers and potential followers is at the core of messaging. This is important because:

  • People don’t know that your product is a solution to their problem
  • Potential followers are unfamiliar with your business
  • Customers haven’t built trust with your business yet

Measure What’s Working

Part of a comprehensive marketing strategy is creating and following a content calendar. This process allows for thoughtful posts that are centered around your business goals. A great calendar will always take into consideration upcoming holidays, product information, sales, etc., and then also a lot of education sprinkled in.

Next, a strategy needs to utilize analytics to know what your ideal customer is responding to and engaging with. This information helps drive the frequency of posts, timing, and even the type of post – as in a story, reel, or static post. Social insights are crucial to ensuring that your messaging has the best chance of reaching the right person effectively. The best strategy? Is consistently evaluating and then tweaking the process.

Let’s Talk

It’s never too late to get a comprehensive marketing strategy going! Already have an established social media presence? Awesome, let’s build on that and launch some new and amazing content. Don’t even know what Instagram is? No problemo. My team and I have you covered. I am an expert at developing strategic content for small businesses that feed not only blogs but social media posts and newsletters too. I make each of these aspects work together to create interesting, attractive, and—most importantly—effective digital content. Visit my contact page, and let’s discuss your business goals and how BW Concepts can help you achieve them.

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