Slow and Steady Organic Growth Really Does Win the Race

Slow and Steady Organic Growth Really Does Win the Race

As I sat in a networking lunch with professionals from around Phoenix, I was particularly interested in hearing what the executives from a larger digital marketing company had to say. They discussed the kind of industries their clients are in and some of the challenges they face. One of the biggest issues? The speed of growth.


In particular, many companies deal with slow growth in their marketing. I found it so refreshing to hear that even large scale companies, with many employees and entire teams for clients, still deal with slow organic growth – and in turn, frustrated clients.

Why is growth sometimes slow? Because it’s organic. Steady growth stems from authentic interest and traffic being driven to your website and social media. And that can take time for people to discover naturally.


So what can we do to A. speed up the process and B. have patience? First, make sure your website has consistent fresh content, such as a blog. Be sure that your social media is on point and that it’s directing traffic to your website. Check that all images on the site are optimized with alt text and descriptions. Enroll in Google Console to help identify potential SEO issues and resolve them. And lastly, keep. it. up. Don’t lose momentum in your frustration, instead, make sure that you are putting out fresh content, no matter how slow that follow number is climbing. You never know when a post is going to strike a chord and you’re off to the races.

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