How to Identify Your Ideal Customer and Why It Is Essential

I was talking with a prospective client, and after hearing about his business, I asked, “Who is your ideal client?” His response was, “Everyone!”

It took a little convincing, but he finally got why everyone couldn’t be your ideal customer. Here’s why:

It’s Expensive

Odd as that may sound, it would be insanely expensive to market your product to everyone. Not only are there differences in how marketing varies to each gender but also generations, socioeconomic status, etc. If you wanted to sell your product to everyone, you’d spend a lot of money trying to talk to different groups in a way they can hear you.

It’s Inefficient

Think about it—if you’re trying to talk to everyone, you’re missing out on speaking directly to the customers who could benefit from your clients the most. Trying to touch many different groups is a lot of wasted energy.

So, how do you identify your ideal customer?


After some quick research, I found up to 35 questions you can ask in order to identify your ideal customer. Here are just a few to get your wheels turning:

  • What problem does your product solve?
  • Who would benefit the most from that solution?
  • Who can afford your product?
  • How do they make decisions about their purchases?
  • How many times can they purchase your product, and are they willing to do so?

For me, I always start with knowing what problem the product solves. That simple question allows me to weed out the demographics that are less than ideal quickly.

Why It Matters

Knowing who you are talking to is key to effective and cost-efficient marketing. Why? Because you wouldn’t explain how to use an iPhone to a Baby Boomer the same way you would a teenager. While the end result is the same (learning how to use the phone), the messaging has to be completely different in order to achieve that outcome.

Let’s Talk

If you’re wondering who your ideal client is—or if you’re wondering if who you’re currently marketing to is ideal—let’s talk. I will help you figure out not only your ideal customer but also the strategy to market your product as well. I am an expert at developing strategic content for small businesses that feed not only blogs but social media posts and newsletters too. I make each of these aspects work together to create interesting, attractive, and—most importantly—effective digital content. Visit my contact page, and let’s discuss your business goals and how BW Concepts can help you achieve them.

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