5 Tips for Creating a Great Business Newsletter

5 Tips on Creating a Great Business Newsletter

Earlier this year, I was the shoemaker with no shoes – I was telling my clients the importance of a newsletter for their business, and I had yet to create one for BW Concepts. Fast forward to this summer and I finally made time to get my newsletter off the ground.

Two monthly newsletters later, I had 3 new clients (insert wide eye emoji here). Each of them said, “I saw your newsletter and it got me thinking that I really did need to call you and get our business social media/newsletter/blog/website content rolling.”

Newsletters aren’t magic. They are just one more way to get information in front of your clients and prospective clients. If you’re ready to get your business newsletter off the ground, here are five things to keep in mind when creating:


Not everyone has an opening note in their newsletter, but I think it really sets the tone. It lets the reader in on why your sending this information to them and gets them to want to keep reading. It’s also the perfect spot to make a big announcement or call attention to something too.


When emails are full of links, email servers will identify them as a promotion or spam and will sort them that way. Limit the number of links you include in each newsletter and strive to have all the links direct to your website. This is the perfect spot to highlight a blog post or a new feature or functionality on your site.


Don’t give away the farm. Keep blurbs/topics quick and snappy. Asking a question is a great header and then ask them to click to find the answer on your website, preferably in a blog post or other new, fresh content.


It can be easy to get distracted! If your clients are looking to you as a real estate agent, don’t give them recipes. You can get a tangential topic to keep them interested, but if you go too far you could lose their interest. For example, a real estate agent will obviously talk about the houses they have available. But they could also highlight the fundraiser at the local school, nearby small businesses, great restaurants, and other local attractions because their clients will want to know about the area the houses they are looking at is like.


I use Mailchimp to create my newsletter for a few reasons, but a big one is for the statistics. I can see who opened the email, where they clicked, what time and day most read the newsletter, and so on. I use this information for the next month’s email ensuring that I’m utilizing my links the most efficient way possible and also sending the email when it’s most likely to be read.

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