Start Working on Q1 Now for a Successful New Year

Graphical image of clipboard with January calendar, pencil on top of the calendar. Phone with clock to the left, various stationary items to the left on white background.

It’s true: to succeed in Q1, you need to get started now. Why? Because it takes time to create a strong digital marketing strategy and then get it implemented. Even simple stuff like setting up an email account or updating content on your website takes time. But if you get started now, in January we’ll be off to the races … instead of just starting the conversation.

Sound interesting? Here are a few things we can get started on now for your business:

Lead Magnet(s)

A lead magnet is simply a free download of information in exchange for the user’s email address. That’s it! Simple. Think of it like a blog post but likely with much more specific information. Or it could be a “how-to” list or an image or even an e-book. There’s no wrong answer on what your lead magnet is as long as it has value for the user.

I currently have one lead magnet for BW Concepts and it’s all about how to create your business blog—and keep it going with ease. You can check it out here.

Here’s why a lead magnet is awesome:

  • It provides value for the user
  • It begins to build a relationship with a potential customer

If the first two didn’t hook you, the last one surely did. Lead magnets are a fantastic way to build your email list. The BW Concepts email list has doubled in the last year due to one simple lead magnet. This means my monthly newsletter goes directly to the inboxes of potential clients who have already expressed interest in what BWC has to offer.


Whether you’re pulling in new emails each month from your lead magnet or even your contact form on your site, utilizing those emails is a key part of digital marketing. Think about it: these are a direct line to people who have already said they are interested in your business by giving you their email. Talking directly to an interested potential customer—what could be better?! Recapping blog or social media posts, announcing specials or deals, sharing news, or even just thanking them for being a customer or for having reached out—a newsletter is a fantastic way of getting in front of your ideal customer.

Social Media

Social media management needs to involve a strategy in order to produce a return on investment—even if that investment is just your time. A comprehensive social strategy includes not only great images but is targeted at your ideal customer. It draws on several different “buckets” of content that demonstrate how your product or service can solve your ideal customer’s problem. Analytics play a huge role in social media strategy. Knowing what and how followers are responding to posts should tailor future posts.

A great example of why strategy is so important in your social media posts is this: How would you explain how to use an iPhone? Now, what if you were explaining it to a baby boomer? Or Gen Z? While the end result is the same (learning how to use the phone), the messaging has to be completely different in order to achieve that outcome.

The Triple Threat

Each of these areas works fine by itself, but coupled with insights and analytics, they are a triple-threat powerhouse! Why? Because they all feed off each other. One blog post could be broken down into multiple social media posts. A newsletter can highlight current blogs but also reach back and promote older posts, driving traffic to your site. The combination of each of these areas brings a cohesive marketing approach that converts followers.

I’m sure you already guessed it, but all of the above are services BW Concepts provides. But if your goals for this year involve something I don’t do, my vast network of friends and colleagues allows me to make great recommendations and introductions for you. So let’s talk! I’m always interested to hear what’s on your mind and how BW Concepts can help make it a reality. 

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