Progress Over Reflection: How Getting Messy Can Help Us Get to the Next Level

Progress Over Reflection: How Getting Messy Can Help Us Get to the Next Level

Wow, what a weird year it’s been. But even in all the chaos, adjusting, readjusting, and pivoting, BW Concepts has continued to grow which is huge. But that growth has brought some thought-provoking realities…I can’t continue to grow the business and keep my back-of-the-house status quo. I need some big changes on the inside of the business in order to expand and also move in a new direction.


While BIG changes seem a bit daunting, they’re also super exciting. The prospect of adding a new service model is exhilarating – I can’t stop thinking about how I’m going to market it and to whom. Because of this new plan, I’m finally doing some of the services I do for my clients, for myself – I’m the shoemaker with no shoes. Or rather, the marketer with no newsletter.

Honestly, it looks a little messy sometimes – or at least to me who enjoys being very organized. “New” and “change” requires a lot of reorganization. But the ball is rolling so stay tuned

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A few months ago, a client of mine got very upset over a typo in a social media post. They were 100% justified – there should not be typos in posts. But…I desperately wanted them to see the bigger picture. To see how amazing the content was in the post and how it was feeding their image and brand. How their followers had grown from the consistent engagement I was doing for them. That their social media was driving new traffic to their website. It was the old adage about not being able to see the forest for the trees – they couldn’t see past the extra “a” in the post to see all the amazingness that was happening!

(Side note, I now have Grammarly installed to check EVERYTHING. I highly recommend and it’s a free plug-in on Chrome!)

I was recalling this story with Jena Gribble of Blush Cactus, and I loved her response; you have to value progress over perfection. If we are always striving for perfection, we’re going to get lost in the details. Pushing forward, even when it’s a little messy, is often worth wading in the muck to gain progress.


So, here’s to messy, imperfect, wild, progress! May we all embrace the chaos and turn it into something amazing.


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