The Importance of Branding

BW Concepts branding

Most of the time, my new clients have established businesses and come to BW Concepts when they are ready to get their digital marketing fired up. Once in a while, I get the joy of laying out the full marketing roadmap from scratch for a business that only exists in the owner’s mind. And it. Is. FUN.

My new client is a good family friend who asked where to start with their social media. After a conversation, it was clear we were discussing step 5, when we were really on step 0. Which, honestly, is better! Starting from the very beginning means we get to lay the whole plan out and with all the right people too.

The absolutely first step in our marketing journey was branding.

Why Branding?

A company’s brand is at the core of a marketing strategy. Why? Because if you don’t know who you are, how are you going to tell your potential customers about yourself? Brands are who your business is—the culture, the mission, the “why.”

On a more basic level, the colors, logos, and voice of the brand are the groundwork for the digital footprint of the business. Those aspects of the brand are used for:

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Email signatures
  • Print materials
  • Everything. It goes on everything.

The Process

My clients and I had the absolute pleasure of working with Apple & Anchor to bring their brand to life. Jess and Justin Redmond are a dynamic team that not only conceptualizes a brand but they also design the actual logos by hand. Their process entails not only understanding the business but the goals of that business and – equally as important – the ideal customer.

Utilizing other brands and lots of images for inspiration, Jess and Justin created a stunning color pallet that by itself evoked so much of what the business stands for. But coupled with two different yet cohesive logos, the client’s brand is now a stunning masterpiece! With this piece of the plan in place, we can now kick off the website build, social media strategy, and more!

Let’s Talk

BW Concepts specializes in the marketing side, which includes helping our clients identify their ideal target market, creating a killer marketing strategy and then great digital content to reach that market. But just because we specialize in marketing doesn’t mean that we don’t have the resources to get your branding up to par. We have developed relationships with many different businesses to ensure that we can bring in the right people for our clients’ needs. If BW Concepts doesn’t have the service you need, we know the right person who does. So, visit the contact page, and let’s talk about your branding goals and how BW Concepts can help you achieve them.

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