old fashioned typewriter with the word BLOG on a piece of paper

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

If you follow me on IG (@bw_concepts1), you’ve seen the posts about the many reasons your business needs a blog. Some of those reasons are:

  • SEO – fresh content gives search engines new information to analyze which improves rankings
  • Value – free and useful content is a value add for clients and potential clients
  • Links – blogging can direct traffic to other sections of your website by linking to various pages in the blog post
  • Social Media Content – promoting blog posts gives you new content for social media posts

But What Else?

A lesser known fact is that unlike other online content such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest have a shelf life. The amount of time that content lasts on each of these platforms ranges from 4 months down to 18 minutes. 18 minutes?! If your focus is solely on posting content to a “quick fix” platform, you may be putting a lot of effort in for a small reward.

Enter: Blogs

Blogging content lasts for 2 YEARS+. Two years! That means that the work you’re putting into creating valuable information for your client base is going to pay off, whether a potential client finds you now, or months from now.  Which makes blogging a return on investment that makes sense.

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