I Get By With A Little Help From My Apps

I Get By With A Little Help From My Apps

I am always on the quest to be better organized. In life, in work, in my head…ok, there’s no app for that, but I still try. There are three apps that I use daily that have been game-changers:


As a lover of lists, this one is a must. Available on your desktop, on your mobile, and on your Apple Watch, it’s the perfect way to make sure you always have your lists with you. There’s nothing worse than getting to the grocery and realizing you don’t have your list. Now I keep it on my phone and in today’s germ conscious world, I use my watch so I’m not handling my phone in the store.

In addition, I keep client notes like colors, copies of logos, etc. so I always have that information at my fingertips. You can set reminders, snap pictures of business cards, screengrabs, and more! It doesn’t currently work with smart devices like Alexa, but they boast a hack on their site that I’m thinking of trying out.


As much as I love Evernote, as my client list has grown, I wasn’t able to organize it in a way that really made me feel like I wasn’t missing any tasks. With a quick survey from friends and colleagues, I landed on Trello. The app is very visual, which I love. I can color-code each client and put tasks on individual cards that can be moved from To Do, Doing, Done columns. It helps me to visualize my task list and break down my day which helps a lot on those days when the workload feels overwhelming.

I currently use the free version which works perfectly, but looking forward to upgrading at some point for additional plug ins to make my system even smoother.


I am so mad that I did not dig into this app sooner! I use Grammarly as an extension on Chrome and it. is. amazing. It evaluates everything you write for spelling, grammar (duh), and even tone. I love that it catches things like homophones that would likely get missed because it was spelled correctly, just not used correctly.

Because it’s an extension on Chrome, it works on WordPress, email, anywhere you’re working online. It’s fantastic and has already helped save me from a few pesky, little errors I would have normally missed.


What apps are you using that are game-changers? Let me know, I can’t be too organized!


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