Coming Together to Support Our Community

Coming Together to Support a Community

I usually describe what I do as digital marketing…but at the heart of it, I really am a ghostwriter (which also sounds cool so that’s a bonus). I write content for clients that their name and business goes on rather than mine. I am behind many businesses’ social media posts and because I work to fit the client’s or the brand’s “voice”, I’m not always easy to detect.

This is a long way of saying that I get to work with some incredible people, but I rarely get to feature it because that’s my business. Which makes getting to highlight this service project that I was able to do with the awesome women of Hammersmith Support extra special!

4 women stand in front of supplies for baskets for UMOM New Day Center

Me and my crazies, along with Heather Locke owner of Hammersmith Support, and her team Carla Brundrige and Lisa Finn, and their families all came together to create some comfort for our community. We assembled baskets to be donated to the intake area of UMOM New Day Centers. UMOM works to support those in our community experiencing homelessness. Often there are entire families seeking support and during this pandemic, they have seen an increase in need and a decrease in donations. These baskets are full of personal care items so that the recipient can enjoy a hot shower with the comfort of their own supplies. 

Some volunteers were mad that they couldn’t play with the toilet paper….but look at my other two kids being awesome!

kids and parents pack baskets with supplies

But also happy that they could play in the empty boxes!

cute baby playing in a box

The result of our hard work was 20 baskets full of supplies for some deserving individuals! Not to mention that this project offered some good perspective for our kids too. If you’d like to help, visit UMOM New Day Centers to volunteer time, talent or treasure to this amazing cause.

laundry baskets packed with supplies

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