Welcome to 2019

Welcome to 2019

Hello and welcome to BW Concepts! My name is Beth and I am the BW of BW Concepts – a content marketing company. What exactly is content marketing you might be wondering? I usually describe it as any and all of the words in a company’s promotional materials. I specialize in mostly the digital versions; website content, blogging, info graphics, About Me pages, bios….you get the picture.

As a professional blogger, it seemed a little nutty that I did not have a business blog. And so one of my 2019 business resolutions is to create a monthly blog that will hopefully help you in your business too – or at the very least, entertain you! In addition to creating a business blog, I’m also working on:

1. Getting hyper organized in order to maximize my time. If I’m going to take on new projects and keep building my business, I’ve got to have a plan. And that plan is coming in the form of a color coded Excel calendar. It’s looking pretty serious. And detailed. And I love it.

2. After I’ve got a visual of what needs to get done, I’m using that calendar to work far ahead. Having client deliverables done in advance is good not only for them, but for my mental state too. Feeling like I’m constantly under the gun may be good for creativity, but it’s murder on my psyche.

3. Lastly, I’m putting more time and effort into consistently engaging on my business Instagram page (@bw_concepts1). IG is such a powerful marketing tool, I’d be crazy not to be utilizing it more. So in addition to consistent content and fresh stories, I’m going to spend a minimum of 10 minutes a day engaging to network and boost the algorithm to my benefit!

The goal of all these resolutions? To cultivate not only new, one time clients (updates to bios, product descriptions, etc) but to acquire three new bi monthly / monthly blogging clients. Being able to plan out client content throughout the year is so much fun and the stability is good for business!

So, what else am I working on in 2019? In addition to the BWC blog, I became woefully behind on my personal blog, The Goon Room. Which, is incredibly sad for several reasons – I love having the documentation of our family, and being a year+ behind on that is so pathetic. Second, that’s really where I realized that I wanted to write for a living. Because my writing business grew, my personal writing dropped off. But no more! I’ve got a tight schedule of catch up ready to go and I’m starting today. 

What are you working on for your business in 2019? Any personal resolutions intertwining with those business resolutions?

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