Marketing Goals for 2020 From the W Source Panel Discussion

Marketing Goals for 2020 From the W Source Panel Discussion

Happy New Year! I can still say that even though it’s January 15th, right? It IS still the first month of the year so it’s ok in my opinion. I feel like I’m still getting my sea legs with this year so saying that the year is still new, makes my timing seem reasonable…!

I had the privilege of attending a great discussion hosted by The W Source Scottsdale / Arcadia about marketing your business in 2020. Each of the panelists was phenomenal – they had so much great information to share! My notepad was full of notes for my business, but also for my clients as well.

While I could have dug into each of the panelists advice, I honed in on just four. I chose those three because I think above everything else, being realistic about what’s possible is key (for me) in achieving goals. Too much on the plate can lead to sensory overload and burn out. Instead, I make a list of everything I want to take on and then prioritize:

  • Branding pictures: Jean Laninga, Jean Laninga Photography
    • I recommend this for every. single. client. Why have I been ignoring my own advice?! I did conclude that this is more of a Q2 goal as I would like to get a few of these baby pounds off first…
  • Blog posts: Katrina Oki-Odoi, Content Worm
    • It’s time to get back into the routine of posting. I preach the importance of blogging to everyone that will listen – so as to not be the shoemaker with no shoes, I give you my first blog of 2020. Oh, and I linked it to my LinkedIn account and my business Facebook page too.
  • Checking in with Past ClientsKelly Bohm, Driven Relationships
    • This advice was super intriguing to me. At first, I dismissed it, but then I started making a mental list and I’ve got a fair amount of clients that needed bios or website content but never moved forward with blogging or other materials. Checking in with them to see if they’d like to update their bios or start that blog or if they have other content related needs would be a great way to generate some new leads.
  • Mobile Optimization: Heather Locke, Hammersmith Support
    • I have given absolutely no thought to how my website is accessed by readers. Making sure that my site is secure and mobile-optimized is just smart

So, what are you working on for 2020 for your business?

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