Forward is a Speed

Forward is a Speed

Do you ever feel the overwhelming sensation of trying to keep your life and your business in balance within themselves and with each other? It’s like spinning plates above your head; there’s a stick on each foot, two in each hand, one on your chin, one on your forehead, and they all have plates spinning away while you’re doing your best to keep them all there.

As for me, I decided on top of growing a business, I’d grow a new person too. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more satisfied and more undone in my entire life. Our life is crazy right now, but like the best kind of crazy. We have healthy, happy kids who are at really fun ages. I have a business that is growing in an awesome direction and it’s so satisfying. We have people in our lives that are a gift to be around. It’s all really amazing.

Which is why I have to believe that just because I don’t feel like it’s all buttoned-down and running like a well-oiled machine, doesn’t mean it’s not going to be there soonEvery week I feel it coming, we’re getting one step closer to a routine, a system, a process that is sustainable. All of the pieces are here, and I see them coming together, despite being a slower pace than I would like…

When asked what my goals were, I said the first thing I thought of was: “move forward”. I decided for right now, in this season, forward is our speed. Things may be moving slower than I would like, or may not be as organized as I would enjoy, but as long as we are in fact moving, we’re moving forward and that’s just fine.

The only real advice I can offer is to hire some help. It sounds simple, but it can feel like an overwhelming task to figure out what you need help with, find the right person for the job, figure out what and how to pay them, then actually train them…it’s a big list. BUT, I can now tell you first hand, it’s worth it. I have hired my first person for BW Concepts and it honestly is better than I imagined! We also have a nanny for the very first time and while there is an adjustment period, it really is great. I feel more intentional with my time; I’m not racing to finish a project during nap time or scrambling to hold a baby and get out one more email (ok, that still happens…). Instead when I feel the mom guilt coming on, I remember that if I can dial in and really get good work done, then my time with the kids isn’t clouded with my to do list and I can be totally present with them.

So, if you are a small business owner and feeling the overwhelming feeling of too many plates spinning above your head, just remember that it’s ok if right now your speed is simply forward, no matter how fast you’re getting there.

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