Creating Systems

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As the new year quickly approaches, it’s a great time to take a look at the systems that exist in your business. Or more importantly, the systems that should exist! By systems, I mean the order in which you accomplish tasks – or the “rules” for different day-to-day processes. While they may seem perfunctory or even unimportant, creating systems can help:

  • Prevent clutter, both physically and mentally
  • Save time
  • Create efficiency
  • Help keep track of tasks

What is a Business System?

According to, a business system is “…is a defined set of principles, practices, and procedures that are applied to specific activities to achieve a specific result.” I look at systems as the order of the steps I take to accomplish a task. It can be something complex such as billing, or as simple as the process in which I layout my to-do list.

Why Are Systems Important?

For me, systems are essential because they allow me to be efficient and stay on top of all of my tasks. I have three amazing women who work on the BW Concepts team. Each of them handles different clients, but also different tasks for each client. It would be extremely easy to lose track of a deliverable with so many cooks in the kitchen, especially since we’re not all in the same kitchen. This is why we utilize Trello boards to keep track of who is working on which deliverable, the status, and the due date. The simple system saves me from having to email or call to get a status and keeps the task on schedule.

How Do I Create a System?

Here’s the beauty of a business system; it’s whatever you want it to be. Recently, I was getting frustrated with my billing process. It felt too tedious and time-consuming. The issue was that fixing the process felt equally as time-consuming…but I knew if I took that 20 minutes to update my accounting system to automatically send emails out to my clients with their invoices, I would save an additional 20 minutes each month. Spend 20 minutes to save 240? Yes, please!

Systems are typically born out of a need. A need for a more efficient way to work, a more profitable service, or even to create a safety net so that no item is overlooked. And when I can’t figure out how to solve my problem, I typically reach out to mentors, friends, and colleagues to see how they are utilizing a system and if it can work for me as well.

BW Concepts Can Help

If you’re struggling with how to create and or stick with a system for your social media, newsletters, and or blog, I can help. While my systems are ever-evolving, they are always rooted in a tried and true process that keeps your organic content supporting your business. So let’s talk! We can discuss all the processes you’re struggling to get or keep moving and how BW Concepts can help.

Ready to set up your own system to get your social media moving and keep it that way? Download my tips on how to create a content calendar that will feed your creativity and help you create several months worth of content in a short period of time.

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