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How to Write About Yourself and Not Sound Like an Idiot

It’s inevitable, at some point we all have to write something about ourselves. Whether it’s part of a resume, a dating profile, bio, whatever – it’s bound to happen.

I just did a written interview with Voyage, Phoenix and I about died. I write for a living, and yet what I put on paper about myself and my story… just seemed wrong. My thoughts weren’t’ organized, there was too much of the wrong details – it was terrible. I *think* I was able to get it into a shape that won’t embarrass me, only time will tell.

So how did I get it to a better place? I used a few of my standards:

Write it in 3rd person, first

Start by writing the piece as if you were someone else writing about you. For some reason, it’s so much easier to see ourselves from the outside in. When finished, go back and change it to first person and edit the content so it flows.

If you can leave it in 3rd person, do it!

Read it out loud

Sometimes hearing the words makes it easier to process them. Read it aloud to yourself and someone who’s opinion won’t make you crazy.

Just get something down on paper

It is much easier to edit words that are already written, rather than come up with the words in the first place. So just start! Get words down on paper, whether you think they’re the right words or in the right place – doesn’t matter. Just get them out. Once you have all the material to work with, go back and start rearranging. Move the information into chronological order. Then cut out material so that the important parts are the most detailed. Keep writing, cutting and moving until it makes sense.

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