Email 101

Email 101

hate getting poorly written emails. I get so caught up in the bad grammar, format, etc., I can’t focus on the actual content of the email. So how can we not get caught in the same bad email trap? Here are 4 rules for good etiquette that will be sure that that the meat of your email is the only memorable part of your communication.


Watch your !!!. Over using punctuation, using incorrectly or skipping it all together is a big no-no. Not only is it distracting, it can hurt your credibility too. Make sure your punctuation is correct, not over done (hello too many !!!), and isn’t distracting. No emoticons either.


Ok, let me qualify that; apologize if you made a mistake. But not more than once! Too many “I’m sorry’s” and or excuses make you look like a martyr. Apologize and move on to the resolution or next issue at hand.


I’m a writer and I don’t get paid by the word – and neither do you. Do not make your point more than once. Repeating yourself does not make your point stronger, it makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Make your point and move on.

Need some more details? Check out this article at Entrepreneur for more details. How about some motivation to keep your own business moving? Click over to my blog on being busy and what it’s necessary!

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